Why do we Talk in our Sleep (Causes and Prevention) 2022 Guide

Why do we Talk in our Sleep
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Our family and friends who have seen us sleeping would tell us that we did talk while sleeping it may seldom happen to us or might be ongoing.

Yes it is funny or embarrassing not to know what we are talking about and leave us and others thinking was there a meaning to what we said?

Or is it associated with what we are thinking or dreaming about. Sleep talk might not be harmful to us or dangerous but when it gets worse than it might lead to something dangerous for us for our health so we always need to make sure that we are aware.

As we all know almost everyone talks in their sleep. This kind of sleeping disorder is most common to children and to male and they are totally unaware about what they are saying during their sleep it may be gibberish, mumblings, dialogues or a whole lot more.

Studies show that there are two types on how we can sleep talk it is possible that it is associated with our dream or It can be just random and not related to the dream at all. So that means it has no meaning at all.

But what is Sleep talking? And how do we correct that?

Sleep talking is known as Somniloquy it is one kind of sleeping disorder.  Sleep talking not only involves sleep talk, mumbles, gibberish or some sort but also involves a movement of our body, dreams, nightmares, emotions, and behaviors.

As doctors say talking in our sleep is one kind of sleeping disorder among the many where we talk aloud when we sleep and we are totally unaware of it and there are a lot of ways how we can prevent and treat it.

Sleep talk might also affect others if it becomes more often and if it becomes more louder so your family, friend, or partner can use this tips to avoid discomfort in their sleep.

  • They can use earplugs
  • Can play calming/ sleeping sound or music to the room

These tips might be temporary for them and for us as well but there are ways that we can prevent sleep talks to happen or to be triggered some are listed below.

Tips on how to battle sleep talking

  • Get enough sleep – people usually who sleep talk are people who are suffering lack of sleep or sleep deprivation, we always need to make sure that we have 5-8 hours of sleep as recommended. Yes we might have tons of works and deadlines to finish but we always need to keep in mind that we need to take care of ourselves. Power naps might give us stress and headaches so we always need to manage our schedule.
  • Avoid the stress – make sure to sleep with a clear mind and a clear heart in life we always know how to manage stress and wake up being ready to battle our challenges again. We need to do what makes us happy, to avoid over thinking and always be strong on what life throws at us
  • Do not sleep with a full stomach – make sure to do even a little activity like walking, standing or just even sitting on a chair make sure that your food is fully digested before going to sleep because not only that it will trigger sleep talking but it might also be harmful to us.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol – alcohol intake during night time or before sleep can trigger sleep talking. Too much alcohol, especially before sleep, might really be harmful to our body. We need to make sure we also take a lot of fluids like sports drinks and water.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola, tea, and alcoholic beverages. This will cause you having sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep deprivation and a lot more.
  • Changing your lifestyle –  we need to make sure that we eat healthy and always take care of our body drink proper medication, get all the vitamins and nutrients our body needs, do what we love because you can only do too much. Always be happy.
  • Create a sleep pattern or schedule – make sure that you adjust your body clock make sure that you have enough sleep and sleep on the most recommended time.
  • Exercise – maintain a healthy life it helps you have a good mind and body.
  • Consult a doctor – although sleep talk is not harmful if this happens most often we might have an underlying sleeping disorder so we always need to make sure to consult the doctor to get the best treatment and advice. Sleep disorders that are not treated correctly might lead to another disorder it is always better to prevent it from happening.

Although sleep talking isn’t harmful to us and might happen often it might still affect other people especially people who sleep beside us it might cause them insomnia and can be stressful if they can easily be affected with sound. So we need to find ways to prevent it for us and for others.

There are ways that we can record our sleep talks nowadays there are apps, recordings, a family or friend. We always need to make sure that if it is not normal we need to check with our doctors.

How do we know when to consult a doctor?

Sleep talking has a lot of stages and it will help us determine when to consult a doctor. It is also advisable that we have a sleep diary so that we can track how often we have this sleep talks we can ask help from a family member, a friend, or our partners.

For kids that sleep talks or have other sleeping disorder contact your pediatrician and seek for the best advice since at a young age they might not know why things happen and it can be totally traumatizing to them.

Your kid needs you the most so always thrive to comfort and show them you love them. Help and guide them on what s happening.

Stages of Sleep talk

Stage 1 and 2: sleep talkers may be aware of what they are talking they might be on a light sleep and fully aware of what is happening and it is very easy to understand to what they are talking about.

Stage 3 and 4: sleep talkers that are usually on a very deep sleep and we cannot understand what they are saying. It is also possible that is associated of some actions like kicking and some movement.

The severity of sleep talk

  • Mild: Sleep talk happens once in a month or happens very often
  • Moderate: Sleep talk that happens once in a week and when you speak in dialogues that are too loud and might affect others.
  • Severe:  We know that is already severe and we need to consult our doctors if our sleep talk happens every night.

What are the causes of sleep talk?

Having a high fever – usually, when we reach that highest temperature on our body or high fever we tend to talk unknowingly.

Under Medication – in taking medications we need to make sure that we take the most prescribed and recommended medicine. Those who are under medication might experience this since it will be a possible side effect so you need to consult your doctor regarding this.

Emotional Stress – being stress causes sleep talk especially if something is bothering us and we can’t keep it out of our minds, unknowingly we carry these problems in our dreams that cause us to sleep talk.

Abuse – people with a history or currently being abused may suffer this since they will be emotionally bothered.

Mental Health Disorder – having a mental disorder causes you to sleep talk. If you are aware of this disorder it always better to seek medical advised and be treated.

Depression – people who suffer depression has a lot of things running through their mind this are people who are emotionally bothered and they are most likely to sleep talk because people who suffer depression usually dream a lot

What triggers depression? And how do we treat that?

Sadness and lots of motivation or interest in doing things cause depression and a whole lot more.

People suffer from depression anyone can be a victim so we always need to make sure that we keep and live a healthy lifestyle, we need to make sure to do the things we love and be strong to the challenges that our lives bring daily.

Sleep deprivation – sleep deprivations is mostly common to individuals since there are a lot of things that can cause us to lose our most needed sleep. That is why we need to make sure that we really get our needed sleep because it really triggers sleep disorders as record shows.

Symptoms of sleep deprivation

  • Yawning
  • Moodiness
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Inability to do things
  • Overthinking

How do we help our kids who sleep talks

  • Always check on your kids before sleeping assure them that everything will be okay and always talk to them and when they lay fast asleep check if they are sleep talking.
  • Always tell them and shows them that you love them make them feel comfortable always let you kids feel that you are always there for them.
  • Always be on the good side tell them positive things nag also make sure they show positive behaviors
  • Let them eat healthy and let them get the eight hours of sleep that they need.
  • Always keep an eye of them and seek for medical advice if ever it is already severe

There are a lot of things we need to know about Sleep disorders and we need to be aware of this since we might think it is just sleep talking but it might be another disorder that is associated with it.

Different kinds of Sleep Disorders that may associate sleep talking

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep is also a sleeping disorder that causes people to shout in their sleep with eye movements.

Night terrors Is also a type of sleeping disorder where we can hear people scream on their sleep with some actions associated to it, people that are having a very hard time to wake up on their sleep.

When night terrors happen on our children we need to make sure to give everything to comfort them. Night terrors are a sleeping disorder that is similar to nightmares. Below are signs on how we can distinguish night terrors

  • Palpitation or fast heartbeat
  • Shouting or screaming
  • Sweating
  • Stress

Sleep Apnea is also a disorder that is associated with load snoring restless sleep and gasping for air.

It is a serious sleep disorder that needs to be treated because people with this disorder if left untreated my cause them to stop breathing this means that the brain and the body lacks oxygen.

How would you know you have Sleep Apnea

  • Usually happens to Male
  • Being Overweight
  • People who are over 40 years old
  • Family History of Sleep apnea
  • Large neck size and Large tonsillitis

Sleep talking may happen along with sleepwalking and that can be dangerous waking up somewhere you don’t want to be like balcony, roads, etc.

That is why we always need to be aware of what is happening to us and get to know more about it because sleep talking yes it might not be harmful and requires no medical treatment but we always need to observe and prevent it to be more serious like other sleeping disorders mentioned above and sleep talking might slightly be embarrassing when that happens to us and adds more stress and less peace of mind so it is always great to take the tips and advice.

If sleeping disorders worsen that it is important we seek for medical advice.

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