Best Bed Frames for 2023 – Our Experts Bring You Their Reviews

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Year 2022 is about to end, so we went ahead and picked the best bed frames that you will be able to buy in 2023. Our experts also reviewed the top mattresses to go with these beds.

Is very convenient to purchase a mattress with the spring box included, no worries about beds right? But a lot is lost with this combo and the best bed frames to fit mattresses of all sizes are trending strong these days, with a lot of advantages and benefits for your room and your mattress as well.

We created a very comprehensive list with several of the most relevant models of bed frames of all kinds. You will check the differences of features, use, functionality and quality as well as how they fit different needs, including for sure yours.

If you are not that schooled on how bed frames works, do not forget as well to check our quick guide on all you need to know about this item.

Best Bed Frames for 2023 with Top Model Reviews

1. ZINUS SmartBase Compack Mattress Foundation – 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

The Zinus SmartBase is truly versatile bed frame model developed for several different sizes and styles of mattresses. The construct of the bed frame is resistant enough to support average weight people, with a grid made on stainless steel covered on black finish. Either size you choose, the standard distance from the floor is 14 inches, creating a lot of room for storage.
The build of the SmartBase is made on a T-shape legged frame for an easy assembling, with a locking system for maximum safety. It is by default not required the need of a professional for assembling, specially because it does not require any extra tools to get it settled, but Zinus offers the possibility to hire one through their selling page on Amazon.

Alongside the bed frame, Zinus also offers the complementary items to settle the bed frame like any mattress box when it comes to the visual finish. You can also order the bed frame with the accompanying bed skirt, made on 100% polyester, machine washable, with 4 clips to secure it to the frame.

You can also opt for the headboard brackets instead to give it a more stylish visual for the bed. They are made on steel and have a construct made with multiple slots so you can adjust the size.
The Zinus SmartBase bed frame is available for beds Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Universal sizes.

Best Mattress to Go Along

Zinus Memory Foam Inch Green Tea Mattress

While the SmartBase is compatible with several models of Zinus mattresses, one of the best options to fit this bed frame, when it comes to quality and popularity, is the Green Tea Zinus made on memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are the best kind when it comes to orthopaedic needs, and this model in particular comes with layers of green tea to increase the breathability and overall comfort alongside the benefits of memory foam.
There is a total of 3 inches of the memory foam, 2 inches of comfort foam, 3.5 inches of the Airflow High-density foam and 3.5 inches of Airflow High-density Base Support Foam. The memory foam ones are imbued with the green tea material. This Zinus mattress is available as well in several different sizes, from Twin to California King, and different thickness sizes, from 12 to 6 inches.

  2. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base with Massage Mechanism

This bed frame works in a completely different level for a bed frame, not only providing a support base for a mattress, but also working as a comfort adjuster so you can turn your bed into a reclinable seat or even useful for people who are bedridden to recline during meals or simply changing position in bed.

The bed frame includes frame grid made of a sturdy structure on stainless steel with six legs that have adjustable height, from 6 to 10 inches far from the ground. Above it there is a base bed that will be responsible for the reclining features of the bed. This base bed is build with two different zones of reclination: head and foot. With a remote control you can adjust the part you want to recline and how much.

As a plus, these zones vibrate to provide a massage output movement that reverberate in the mattress, all that with a whisper quiet profile of noise production. As the bed frame features an electric circuit, there is included USB ports so you can plug your favourite devices for recharging.

This bed frame is available as well on several different size profiles and you can even optionally purchase it with the brand own gel memory foam mattress included.

Best Mattress to Go Along

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch HD GEL Memory Foam Mattress

If you want to try something else alongside with the bed frame, specially if your budget is more generous, you can afford to get the Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze. This model is quite popular among memory foam mattresses and this version in particular is build to fit adjustable reclining bases.

The Cool Breeze features a 12-inch mattress comprised of a dual 2-inch State of the Art Cool Airflow memory foam and a 5-inch high density base foam. One of the best features as well of this model is the wide availability in several different sizes, from Twin to Split California King.

3. Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000 Metal Bed Frame


This second Zinus bed frame is a different sturdy alternative for heavy mattresses and heavy weight people. The frame comprises 10 wood slats that will work more effectively to support the mattress and similarly to the solid surface of a mattress box. This increases the lifespan of the mattress as the weight is better distributed, no damaging specific zones of the mattress due to lack of support.

The bed frame is made as well on steel with a black finish and the feet of the bed frame is covered with plastic covers so it will not hurt the floor surface.

The Modern Studio Platform is the best option if you want the best of both worlds: the sturdy support of a mattress box and the free storage space of a bed frame. Assembles easily in minutes

Probably the only let down of this bed frame is the assembly. You can follow the instructions and do it yourself, but the procedure is a bit more complicated than the other bed frames and requires your focused attention to match the number of all arrows with the corners and holes aligned. There is an availability a bit shorter as well for sizes, just including the standards Twin, Full, Queen and King.

Best Mattress to Go Along

Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 14 Inch Grand Mattress

Our best suggestion for this sturdy bed frame is the Zinus Grand Mattress, since it is a big, heavy weight memory foam mattress that will benefit a lot from this kind of bed frame. Memory foam on heavy mattresses like this require a safe solid base to do not wear out the memory foam that is a quite flexible material.

This Zinus is 14 inches thick and comprises a 1-inch memory foam quilted cover layer alongside a a 2.5 inches memory foam, a 3.5 inches pressure relieving comfort foam, a 3.5 inches airflow Foam and a base 3.5 inches High-density Support Foam. This mattress is available only as King size. And talking about heavy weight, following we have a list of bed frame models that will fit the big boys and girls needs.

Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person

1. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch

The Hercules has a quite similar style to the Zinus SmartBase bed frame, but it is made on heavy-duty steel, so all the structures are made on a thick alloy of steel and the legs are massive tubes rather than hollow pipes. For that reason, this bed frame, despite looking light, weights 47 pounds. May sound like a burden but is a light price to pay for a sturdy construct to support heavy mattresses and heavy people.

Apart from the heavy duty build, this bed frame also includes an extra number of legs, 12 total, and the assembly, while not as simple as other bed frames, is instructed by manual included with the pack.

The distance from the floor is 13 inches, like we have been seeing from other models, a standard measure.

This model is sold in several different sizes, with a wide cover of standards, from Twin to California king.

2. Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame T-3000

The T-3000 has a similar construct compared to the Hercules just reviewed, including the 12 legs, but the frame grid here is more refined, with thicker bars to support the mattress. All the bed frame is made on heavy duty stainless steel with a black finish. The brackets are foldable, which makes it quite handy to store. They come packed into one compact box and you can as well save that box to pack them back upon moving out, for example.

The availability of sizes of this model though is a bit more limited. You can find it on the standard 4 sizes in the market, Twin, Full, Queen and King.

3. Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

With a different and modern approach to accessibility and convenience, this Kings Brand Furniture Bed Frame is a great delight for people who appreciate dynamic ambients, specially when it comes to cleaning up the room and how the furniture makes the task easier or harder.

This bed frame has a rug roller system. It works with a system of rolling wheels, just like an office chair, so you can move the bed at ease whenever you need.

When the final spot for the bed is set, you just have to lock the wheels and you will have a stable and sturdy bed to sleep on. This is a heavy duty bed frame, so worry not about the resistance of the wheels as the locks are made on stainless steel and the wheels on sturdy plastic polymer.

While it may seem not strong to endure the weight of a heavy mattress and heavy people over it, the combo of materials here seems to work as this bed frame model is one of the most popular and high rated in Amazon.

Perhaps the biggest let down of this mattress is the lack base support, as it includes only 7 legs and the slack structure is quite narrow, with a centre bar alongside the side ones. This combo may not be the best to support evenly the whole mattress but still seem to be working fine in the opinion of customers.

Best King Size Bed Frame

1. Handy Living Bed Frame King

This model offers another differential for the previous models we have seen when it comes to support structure, working as one of a kind. The different feature here is the slat structure, that rather than being made of only a steady, solid frame of metal, also includes a secondary grid of sturdy springs, so you will have a bed frame that works both as a box spring and bed frame with the coveted free space for storage and slim, discreet support base.

The whole bed frame features 8 legs, 4 outer legs plus 4 inner legs for centre support. The storage slot here is 14 inches of free space from ground to bed frame grid. The material implemented here is as well heavy duty steel with a black finish cover and you can find this model on the 4 standard sizes of the industry (Twin, Full, Queen and King) and the exclusive Extra, a longer version of the Twin for taller people.

2. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

It works like the previous Olee Sleep bed frame when it comes to convenience, since this bed frame is one more structure that can be folded and stored or moved much easier. The grid here features a series of 6 horizontal steel bars with an additional series of 16 vertical slats for additional support. LUCID certifies this bed frame as sturdy enough to support 1250 pounds.

The free space offered by this bed frame tough is slightly smaller than usual: 13 inches from the ground to the frame. You can get it as King size as well as California King, Queen, Twin and Twin XL and Full.

3. Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

This next Zinus bed frame has a simpler profile when it comes to the support grid, which is absent, only comprising the support bars made on heavy duty steel and the sturdy legs. The Compack features 9 legs and has a sturdy central bar as well to distribute the weight of the mattress, on the other hand, the demure profile of this bed frame is due to the fact it is developed to be used with the spring box and the mattress.

The storage space here is shorter as well in comparison, around 7 inches of free space, but bed risers can be implemented, as well as headboards – Zinus does not sell them with the bed frame tough.


Best Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress

1. PragmaBed Simple Adjust Head and Foot Adjustable Foundation

PragmaBed developed a compact but ideal bed frame for memory foam mattresses, it features the so needed wide grid with several wire slats and 6 feet total for support and is made on dense heavy duty steel structure (the California King for example, weights 103 pounds). This all makes this bed frame excellent for memory foam mattresses as they are heavier than usual.

The storage space created by the bed frame is up to 13 inches from ground to frame grid and you can get it in six different sizes.

However, the big differential of this bed frame is the adjustable, reclining head and foot zones. The grid here is created with separate reclinable zones, even though they are only manually reclinable.

2.  Serta Motion Essentials

This Serta bed frame is similar to the Classic Brands adjustable model we reviewed earlier. It has three distinct reclinable zones and they can be adjusted with a remote control system. The construct of this bed frame is likewise a short box that is elevated from the floor to accommodate memory foam mattresses with the best, solid support base, but is important to note that the free storage space here is narrower than usual, around 7 inches of free space.

The remote is wireless and comprises a four button mechanism to adjust height up and down, for the head and foot sections. The motors of the bed frame can lift up to 650 pounds in each of the zones. For last, Serta developed a zero clearance style for the design of this bed frame, so you can easily fit it into a final platform bed or even sleigh beds.

3. Merax Platform Bed Frame

The last of our bed frames for memory foam mattress suggestion is this Merax model that is not that different from the PragmaBed one. Simple grid of heavy duty steel with a black powdered paint finish. This bed frame also allows features a generous free storage space up to 14 inches and can support up to 1100 pounds for the Full size only, reaching a higher capacity for bigger sizes.


Best Adjustable Bed Frame in 2023

1. Malouf STRUCTURES Heavy Duty 9-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

For the best adjustable bed frames, we first have this dynamic STRUCTURES, developed by Malouf. Its seamless design very discreet and ingenious is not only a good call for beds that can get an extra bed platform or something, but also easy to handle. Is important to note first that this is designed to accommodate the mattress with the spring box altogether since there is no support grid here.

On the other hand, this is still a heavy duty steel structure that has a sturdy setup of locking pins and bars, so you can adjust the bed frame to fit all seven standard sizes in the industry: from California King to King, Queen, Full and Full XL, Twin and Twin XL.

There are eight legs total to support the bed frame, including two central legs that are fixed with foot glides. However, Malouf offers an alternative version to have locking wheels on the outer feet instead of glides, so you can make the bed roll around in the room and have an easy to handle asset when you are cleaning the room or reorganizing the space whenever you need.

2. Leggett & Platt ShipShape with Ultra-Quiet Motor and Wired Remote

ShipShape is also a box base with a bed frame structure and works as well elegantly and effectively to support memory foam mattresses. The adjusting system here also works with a wired remote control that will recline foot and head sections of the bed frame. The differential here though is the fact this model comes by default as a dual- wheel locking casters system. When you want them to stay still you just have to lock them, otherwise the bed is easily ready to be moved around. This kind of bed frame is not only for convenience for sure as it helps a lot bedridden people.

The motor to recline the frame sections is strong enough to lift 650 pounds in each section. The adjustable bed frame has 4 sturdy heavy duty legs with the wheel system and offers a 9 inches storage free space under the bed.

3. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort  Bed Base with Massage

The last adjustable bed frame is another Classic Brands product that works exactly like the first reviewed model of this manufacturer in our list. Here you have a set of box with bed frame, specially ideal for memory foam mattresses and with a heavy duty structure. It stand outs from the leggett bed frame by its black finish, all over the product, including the box and like standard bed frames, it features a set of steady legs instead of wheels.

One more feature in common with the former Classic Brands bed frame is the massage functionality. This bed frame also offers a 3-speed vibration mode for both head and foot sections so you can as well have a massaging soothing moment while you are reclining to watch TV, read or anything else.

What is a bed frame ?

If you are from the generation of the millennials or the later Z generation, bed platforms are perhaps one more thing in your list of alien things alongside videotapes, typing machines and what not forgotten behind the Internet boom. The bed frame is an important part of classic beds where a grid of slats, usually made on wood, would give support to the mattress alongside the bed platform.

These days the industry almost retired these structures since most mattresses come with the spring box and headframes are optional to finish the decor of a bed set, but an important feature of bed frames was lost in this process: the free space under the bed, important to get some extra slots where you can store your stuff.
Bed frames are specially more relevant these days once again because the real estate market has been shortening up the space of any place, and as beds already fill out a lot of space in the bedroom, extra space is always welcome to make room for more of your belongings.

What are the benefits of a bed frame?

Apart from the free storage space we already mentioned, bed frames are also very convenient to avoid a solid structure in your room that is a very inviting scenario for your feet and legs to bump into. Spring boxes not only take space as they make the area hard to navigate when the room is small. Bed frames can be quite discreet, some models feature legs that are placed inner sided rather than on the border of the bed. The border bars on the other hand, are in general adequately slim and withdrawn.

Some other models, as we have seen here, include a set of caster wheels instead of steady feet. This is very useful to speed up clean up routines, essential for bedridden people and also very convenient in case you would like to move the bed inside the room whenever you want.

How to find best bed frame ?

As you have noticed about our reviews, there are bed frames for different needs and circumstances. Is ideal that you find a middle ground between the type of mattress and the type of bed frame if you do not have any of them yet, otherwise is wiser to always purchase a bed frame that fits the needs of your mattress as it comes first. The bed frame must ultimately not only be able to support the mattress and your weight over it effectively, but the mattress lifespan also should be protected by the structure. You want to be sure as well that the bed frame fits well most decor set scenarios you might imagine and would like to implement, so stick always to the most discreet and elegant designs.

Bed frame sizes

Just like mattresses, bed frames follow the exact standard sizes in the industry for these items. On the other hand, there is the Universal size for bed frames that is a flexible, versatile bed frame structure that you can unfold or withdrawn to reach the desired size of your mattress. This universal size is particularly convenient if you would like to upgrade your mattress later, from a Queen, to King, to Cal King and so on, then you do not need to purchase a new bed frame or refrain yourself from purchasing a new mattress.

What are the most popular brands of bed frames?

We included in our list at least one model of each of the most prominent and relevant manufacturers of bed frames, so from that on you can take note to look for other models you would desire out of our list.
Important to mention though that Zinus in particular is a very renowned brand of mattresses and their lines of bed frames fit the excellence of the quality they implement in their mattresses. Is no surprise you have seen several of their products in our list and they are ultimately the reference brand for bed frames if you are looking for a big one.

What is the best place to buy a bed frame?

You do not really need to get out of your house to purchase trust worthy bed frames. Just like mattresses you can trust the standardize sizes, measures and certifications. At Amazon you will find a lot of of these options and is specially convenient to mine the best price among several retailers that can sell a same product with different fees or starting prices. It is also a good place to already purchase the mattress. Many of these models have an alternative purchase option where you can order the bed frame with the ideal mattress and you will pay less for that combo.

Summing Up

Do not forget to always check up the weight capacity for the bed frames and count on your own weight and the weight of other people that will likely use the bed with you. Sticking to heavy duty bed frames is always the best option if you are not sure about that calculation – or about the future, who knows how many pounds we may get until next year right? Or maybe purchasing a new and heavier mattress in the future is a possibility that must be covered by the bed frame your purchase today. Also, check warranty policies on returning, repair and refunds to be sure you can change your mind.

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