Editorial Guidelines for SleepReporter.com

Last Updated: 10.31.2023

Our Commitment:

At SleepReporter.com, we’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards of journalism. Ensuring that our content is accurate, trustworthy, and of utmost quality is our prime objective. These guidelines have been established to maintain the consistency and reliability of every article published on our platform.

1. Content Creation & Authenticity:

  • Originality: All content submitted must be the original work of the author and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Research-Based: Articles should be rooted in thorough research, with credible sources cited appropriately. Personal opinions must be clearly distinguished from fact.
  • No Commercial Influence: Content should be unbiased and free from any commercial influence.

2. Fact-Checking:

  • Mandatory Review: Before any article is published, it undergoes a meticulous fact-checking process.
  • Sources: All claims or data must be backed by credible, authoritative sources. Using primary sources is encouraged.

3. Corrections & Accountability:

  • Openness to Feedback: We are open to feedback from our readers and encourage them to report any inaccuracies they find.
  • Correction Procedure: If an inaccuracy is reported and verified, the content will be updated with the correct information, and an editor’s note will be added to acknowledge the change.If you come across any discrepancies or inaccuracies in our content, please contact our Information Verification Officer:Rachel Adams Information Verification Officer Email: rachel.adams@sleepreporter.com

4. Contributor Guidelines:

  • All contributors must familiarize themselves with our About Us and Write for Us pages to understand our ethos and submission requirements.

5. Editorial Review:

  • Quality Control: Every article is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure it aligns with our standards in terms of style, tone, and content.
  • Feedback Loop: Post-review, feedback may be provided to the author for necessary revisions.

6. Transparency & Disclosure:

  • Any potential conflicts of interest related to a story or source must be disclosed in the content.
  • If an article contains affiliate links or is sponsored, this must be clearly stated at the beginning of the content.

We thank all our contributors and readers for adhering to and upholding these guidelines, ensuring that SleepReporter.com remains a trusted source of information in the realm of sleep and related topics.