Sleep is the only way to recharge our body after a stressful day at work or after a lot of physical activity during the day.

We can fully rest once we are asleep at night because we owe it to ourselves. A peaceful and comfortable kind of sleep is what we need to keep ourselves healthy.

This is also for us to be ready for whatever we need to do during the day. We see to it that the bed that we lay on must be clean and comfortable. Clean bed sheets and a mattress that supports our body comfortably as we rest. Just like our bodies, our mattress will eventually wear off. After a few years, your mattress will tend to lose its original quality and then you will be having trouble sleeping.

Mattresses are basically an investment we make so that we will be able to sleep comfortably at night. It is our need to sleep so that our bodies will always be healthy. But once our mattress is not providing us the right comfort that we need, it is time for it to be replaced or have it fixed. Sagging mattresses is one of the most common problems. No matter what size your mattress is, it will sag in the long run.

There are many reasons why our mattress sags after a few years from buying it. Sleeping on your comfortable side of your bed all the time is one of the common causes why your mattress sags. Another one is when your kid is jumping up and down on your mattress. This can ruin the foam structure on your mattress and can cause an uneven surface of your mattress.

Laying on an uneven surface will not give you a comfortable sleep. And buying a new mattress will cost you a lot. But there are already certain ways to prevent a mattress from sagging and how to fix a saggy mattress. This is for you to be able to make use of your mattress for a long time and for you to be able to rest comfortably without the uncomfortable surface of your mattress.

Here are some tips to fix a sagging mattress

 Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can be used to fix your sagging mattress. It is thin and yet it can help you with your sagging mattress. There are different kinds of mattress topper for you to choose from and prices will vary depending on its material and size. But the most popular ones is the gel memory foam mattress topper. It sits on top of your mattress and delays further sagging of your mattress. Also, another great thing about a mattress topper is that it adds comfort and support to your back whenever you are on it.

Having a soft layer of cushioning on your bed will make your sleep even more comfortable. Having a mattress topper also having a shield for your mattress. It prevents any spills and stains to your mattress which will make it harder for you to clean. Cleaning a mattress topper is easier than washing the entire mattress itself. It also dries faster so that you will be able to use it immediately and prevent your mattress from sagging even more.

Pillow Fillers

  • The surface of a saggy mattress will be uneven. You will feel like as if it has holes on your bed and will make your body feel weird whenever you lay on it. It also dangerous if your body will not have the proper support it needs from your mattress. A quick and instant fix is to find a pillow and place it under the sagged area on your mattress. It is a trial and error stage because there are different sizes of a pillow. But it will surely help you with your sagging mattress problem. It evens out the surface of your mattress so that your body will be well supported whenever you will sleep.

Flipping the Mattress

  • After years of spending a lot of good sleep on your bed, your mattress will eventually give up and have its own flaws. One of the things you can do to prevent any flaws like sagging is to flip your mattress regularly. Keeping one side up all the time is one of the reasons why your mattress will sag. It absorbs all moisture and weight from your body where it will lose its tension that supports your entire body. It will eventually give up. Not unless if you flip it and allow the other side of the mattress give you the right kind of support that you really need. It is also to help maintain the surface tension of the mattress and be able to provide you an even surface to sleep on.

Proper Mattress Support

Getting a proper mattress support means to get a good bed frame for your mattress. It doesn’t just support your mattress, but it also adds height to your sleeping area. But bed frames with poor mattress support will make you feel uncomfortable whenever you are laying on your mattress in the long run. You will feel the frame on your body and the mattress can’t support your entire body weight because the support is not made properly. It is also the main reason why a mattress sags up after a few years of sleeping on it. The hollow areas that carry your weight are the common area where the mattress sags.

There are different kinds of mattress support that can help prevent your mattress from sagging. You can choose according to your preference and the size that you want. Here are the top mattress supporters you can get to keep your mattress from sagging:

  • Box Spring
  • Metal Platform Base
  • Slatted Bed Foundation
  • Bunkie Bed Board

*Tip: if you have a bed frame with hollow areas, lay a plywood under the mattress to evenly distribute the weight of your mattress on the plywood to avoid sagging*

Get a High Quality Mattress in the First Place

  • In order to prevent the mattress from sagging is to get the best kind of mattress in the market. Since you are already spending for your comfortability, might as well get the best so that you will no longer have to worry about your sleep in the future. Just like all things a mattress can deteriorate. But if you get the ones with the best quality, it will be able to last for years and be able to give you comfort whenever you are resting. And taking extra care of it will prolong its lifespan so that you will no longer have to worry about buying a new one.

Once you got your sagging mattress fixed, it is time for you to prevent it from sagging again. This can help you save money from buying a new one. Taking extra care of your mattress will serve you for a long time. And you will no longer have to worry about having an uncomfortable sleep at night.

Prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

 Use a Mattress Cover

  • One of the simplest ways to keep your mattress looking good is to cover it with fitted sheets. This will also make your mattress look presentable in your room. With the different colors and designs to choose from you will be able to accessorize it easily. A mattress cover also prevents from staining. It is difficult to fully wash a mattress for it is heavy and it takes time to dry.  A clean mattress will help it last longer and make itself look durable.

Change Your Sheets/Cover Once a Week

  • Changing your bed sheets and covers can help prolong the lifespan of your mattress. The reason why you will need clean sheets is so that you are able to sleep comfortably and for your mattress to breathe. As humans, we naturally produce body oil. And when the bed sheets are old and absorb too much oil, the mattress will also be affected. The mattress is made with special fibers. And if these fibers absorb the oil, the quality of the mattress will no longer be the same. You will not notice it for the first few weeks, but if you will not change your bedding for months, your mattress will eventually sag.

Flip or Rotate Your Mattress Every Two to Three Months

  • As we all know that cassette tapes have two sides that you can use, just as the mattress. It is advised that we should flip our mattresses every two or three months. This is to keep its firm surface from sagging or causing lumps. We all have that favorite sleeping side of our bed. And this can cause our mattress to sag because it somehow memorizes our body pattern. And it is also one of the reasons why we need to flip or rotate our mattress. By flipping or rotating the mattress can help restore itself from the consistent weight and have its original shape back.

Vacuum Your Mattress Regularly

  • As a part of your monthly general house cleaning is to vacuum your mattress. This is to keep the bed bugs away. Bed Bugs can be harmful to your health. Most especially for your kids. There are even people who are allergic to them. Another great thing about having your mattress vacuumed is that it removes dust particles. This is to prevent asthma, sinusitis, and any other allergic reaction to your family.

Avoid Jumping on the Mattress

  • The reason why we buy a mattress is to give ourselves some rest. It is not a place for jumping and running around. Jumping is one of the main reasons why the surface of a mattress gets uneven. This is because it ruins the spring or the foam where it is being jumped on.

Do Not Eat on Your Bed

  • To avoid stains and possible spills on your bed are not to eat your meal while you are in bed. If you don’t want ants to be your sleeping buddy, make sure to have your meal or snack in the dining area. This can also save your bed from other kinds of insects. Also, if you want to bring water into your room, it is best to place it on the side table and have a drink out of your bed. You don’t want to sleep on a bed that is wet right? Also, if you spilled something on your bed, the mattress will lose its stability. And eventually, it will not be able to support your body the way it supposed to be.

In order for you to have a healthier lifestyle is to get the right amount of sleep you need. And having a well-maintained mattress is one of the main things you need to get it. Mattresses are ordinary things that can give a huge purpose in our lives. It supports our entire body weight so that we will be able to relax.

We all deserve a nice, clean and comfortable place to sleep and rest. Having a good sleep on your bed can help boost up your mood and make you feel healthier. A well-maintained mattress can help you have more comfortable sleep all throughout the years. It can also help you save from buying a new mattress.

Following the simple steps on how to take care of your mattress will last longer than it should be. This is for you to be able to sleep comfortably every night for the next years to come.

We hope these methods will help you fix your sagging mattress and enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you have other suggestions please leave it in the comments below.

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