We always love the luxury of traveling all around the world. Seeing new places and discovering new things. This is because we get to learn about the different cultures of the different places that we have been.

The destination is always our reward from hours of traveling. The process of traveling is never easy. You get to sacrifice hours of discomfort in order to reach your destination. Have you ever experienced getting stuck in traffic? Or sitting on an uncomfortable seat on a bus or plane for hours?

But there are tricks in order for you to get comfortable whenever you are traveling  like we covered in our guide on how to sleep on a bus. And so in this article we will give you 9 great ways on how to sleep comfortably on a plane and enjoy your trip to the fullest. One of the most common transportation you take whenever you are traveling is by riding a plane. Long hours up on air will make you feel uncomfortable eventually. But luckily most airlines provide you with a pillow and a blanket.

But these things are not enough. If you are seated in a business class, you get to have more leg space and get to stretch as much as you can. And even some business class seats have reclining chairs so that you can be as comfortable as you want to.

But if you are seated in economy class, you will most likely feel claustrophobic instantly. There’s not much leg space in the economy class than the business class. Most especially if you have longer legs.

Tips on How to Sleep on a Plane

1. Get a window seat

We all have our preferred seat on the plane. There are people who prefer to sit on the window side and there are people who prefer to sit on the aisle side. But if you want to sleep during your travel, the best seat is on the window side. You get to lay your head on the wall and you won’t even bother the person seated next to you.

2. Pack your traveling essentials

Two of the must-have travel essentials are neck pillow and a traveling blanket. This will assure your comfort whenever you are traveling. There are some airlines that won’t provide pillows and blanket. Having your own sleep kit will always rescue you during your travels. It can help you sleep peacefully and comfortably wherever you go.

3. Find a comfortable position

If you are feeling a bit sleepy during the flight, find the most comfortable position for you to sleep in. Find a position that won’t bother the person next to you so that you can have a straight and comfortable sleep.

4. Avoid using gadgets if you plan to sleep during your trip

Some aircraft are installed with a television. This is for you to watch movies while you are in flight. But if you want to have a full rest during your travel, avoid watching TV or even using your gadget. Gadgets with screens release blue light which is not good for you if you want to have a full rest.

5. Wear clothes that are comfortable for you to travel

Do not wear clothes that constrain you. Wear something that is soft and loose so that you can still move comfortably even if you are seated. This can give you more comfort whenever you are traveling for long hours.

6. Drink water or tea

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the essentials of the body. Especially if you are traveling. If you opt for a comfortable sleep while in flight take a glass of water or a cup of tea to relax yourself down. But don’t drink too much because you might have more bathroom trips than the minutes of sleep that you need.

7. Eat light

Avoid eating way too much meat and carbs. It makes your heart pump more and will make it difficult for you to sleep sooner. It is also uncomfortable to travel with a full stomach. It will make your stomach feel funny and won’t make you feel good the entire duration of the flight.  There are some people who will feel nauseous and vomit. A good salad or a sandwich is already good enough for you when you travel.

8. Don’t drink alcohol

There are some aircraft who sell alcohol. It may be tempting but it is not good for you whenever you are traveling. It does make you sleepy but it will also give you a headache will make you feel thirsty.

9. Keep your buckle a bit loose

It is understandable that whenever you are in the aircraft you need to keep your sealed. But if you want to take a nap comfortably, make sure that the belt straps are a little bit loose. This is for you to still keep yourself secured and at the same time comfortable when you fall asleep.

And if you want to be more comfortable, buckle the seat belt while the blanket is already covering you. This will keep the blanket from running down and at the same time keep you warm and comfortable.

Sleeping on a Plane Accessories

Neck pillow

Neck pillows can help support your head and neck. This is also for you to be able to sleep comfortably when you are in flight. There is a tendency that you will have neck pain if you fall asleep without a pillow. Your neck will be strained and it will make it painful for you to move it. Neck pillows have a unique U-shape or C-shape. It is made like this so that it can easily anchor on your neck and allow your head to fall and be cushioned with the neck pillow.


If you want to have an undisturbed sleep with complete silence, you can use earplugs. Earplugs allow you to hear almost nothing. It blocks out the outside noise so that you will be able to sleep without getting distracted.

Eye mask

If you are traveling during the daytime and you want to sleep without any light, an eye mask is a perfect accessory to use. Our eyes are still very sensitive to light even if they are closed. And it is better for us to sleep in darkness. This is for our eyes to rest and as well as making it easier and faster for us to fall asleep.

Travel blanket

You will never go wrong with a travel blanket. It can help keep you warm and comfortable, most especially if the air conditioner is too cold. And in order to keep the blanket on you is to buckle it with the seat belt to avoid it from running down.

Good music

Also, you can always bring your favorite playlist. If you don’t want to talk to your seatmate, it is best to zone out and listen to your tunes. It is also one good way to fall asleep while you are in flight.

Noise canceling headphones

Good music must come with the use of noise-canceling headphones. This is to block outside noise and allow you to concentrate on your music.

Comfortable extra clothes

Travelling must be comfortable. It will always start with what you are wearing. It is advisable to wear something soft where your body can still move. And it will be easier and even more comfortable for you to sleep in a plane when you are in your comfortable clothes. These are just the basic needs whenever you are traveling. Most especially if you are seated in the economy seat.

You will need these things to make you feel comfortable and in order for you to sleep well during your flight. It is best to have all of the things that you need for travel be prepared. You will also need to prepare your mind and body for the trip. The healthier the body, the more prepared it is to travel. Before heading to the airport and boarding the plane, there are some things that you need to do. Render extra time to double check your needs before, during, and after your travel.

Things to do Before Your Plane Ride

Know what to bring

Only bring the necessary things while you are traveling. Whether you are traveling for a vacation or for a business trip, create a checklist as well of the things that you need to bring. It will also help you monitor the things you need to bring back home.

Exercise and eat the right kinds of foods

Even if you are not traveling, exercising and eating the right kinds of food is a must. This is to keep the body healthy and as well as for you to run things smoothly. Exercising a day before your trip will surely give you a good night’s rest for you to store more energy and be ready for your long trip.

Get the right amount of rest your body needs

Travelling takes hours of sitting and waiting. This is why you need to get enough rest to save up enough energy for your travel.

Wear something comfortable

Wear appropriate and comfortable attire when you are traveling. Even if you are on a business trip, you still need to wear something comfortable. This can help make your mood once you reach your destination.

Do not overstress yourself

Even if your trip is delayed you still need to be cool about it. Once you are stressed, your brain tends to become active. It will also make you feel restless. This makes it difficult for you to sleep or rest. We all know that sleep can help recharge our bodies. Most especially if we are traveling. We need sleep most especially if we travel from different time zones. This can help us in dealing with jet lag.

According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Jet Lag is also known as Circadian Desynchrony. It is basically a desynchronized sleep pattern of the body with the external environment. There are a lot of people who experience jet lag whenever they travel from one country to another. But there are ways to handle jet lag properly before, during, and even after your flight.

How to Handle Jet Lag Easily

Adjust your sleeping schedule ahead

If you have a scheduled trip to a different country, you must know the time difference. This is for you to be able to adjust your sleeping schedule a few days before you arrive at your destination. It will be easier for you to cope with jet lag. And you will no longer have any trouble adjusting to the new time zone.

Book a flight where you will arrive in the evening

It will be easier for you to cope with jet lag if you arrive in the evening. See to it that you will stay up to 10 pm in the evening local time.

Adjust the time on your watch

While you are already on your way to this new destination, set your watch according to their local time. It will be easier for you to tell what time it is locally. And try not to sleep if it is still not yet night time in that new place that you are at.

Stay awake or asleep

According to Mayo Clinic, it is best to sleep in flight if it is night time at your destination. And stay awake if it is daytime at the destination where you are going. This is one way to adjust to their time zone and avoid jet lag.

Use distraction blockers

If you plan to sleep in the plane, use distraction blockers. You can use an eye patch or earplugs, or both. This can help you sleep peacefully when you are trying to sleep in the plane.

Take melatonin

Sleep Education states that melatonin intake can help regulate your circadian rhythm. But you need to consult a doctor first for you to know your dosage.

Light therapy

There are two ways of light therapy. One is to expose yourself to an early morning light if you are traveling eastward. And second is to expose yourself in the afternoon to evening light if you are traveling westward.

Benefits of Sleeping During Your Flight

One of the main reasons why sleep is needed while you are in flight is to prepare your mind and body to adapt to a new time zone. This is to avoid jet lag and for you to be even more productive once you wake up. Jet lag is always an unwanted visitor whenever we travel for hours to a different time zone.

Sleeping on the plane has a lot of good benefits for the mind and body. Our brain is one of the reasons why we are alive and the reason why we are able to function as a human being. With proper rest and a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to do more things. Our brain also needs rest even while we are traveling. Even if we are traveling for a vacation trip or a business trip, sleep is still needed. Sleep deprivation can lessen our brain function. How much more if we are traveling?

We tend to use our brains a lot because we have a lot to think about. We need to be aware and be alert to our surroundings. When our brains are well rested while we are traveling, our decision making will be easier and faster. Just like our brain, our bodies need as much rest as our brains do. We get to do things in an orderly manner if we are comfortable on our seats as we sleep. Finding the right position is one of the most important things that we need to do when we sleep.

But sleeping away from our comfort zone is a challenge. This is why we must bring our own sleeping kit whenever we travel. Travelling is not always easy. We sometimes experience delays, overly crowded counters, or even canceled flights. One reason in order to keep ourselves together is the reward by the end of the day. Travelling may be tiring, but there are ways for us to rest during the process of traveling. Remember, having a good rest will give you more energy to be more productive. No matter how hectic your schedule is or how long your flight will take. Snatch some rest while in flight and enjoy your travel.

Additional tips – Seats on a plane

Let’s talk about the seats on the different classes on an aircraft. We all know that there are business class and economy class seats to choose from. If you have enough money, you can always get the business class. You will get a lot of freebies and you will even have more space.

Most business class seats have reclining chairs. There are even capsule-type of accommodation for business classes in selected airlines. You can even take a shower in the plane itself. You can sleep comfortably however you want if you are in a business class. But not everyone can afford all the luxury of business class seats. Economy seats are cheap and affordable. Anyone can buy tickets if they want to go to a certain place instantly. But, not everyone is comfortable sitting in an economy class.

It doesn’t have that much leg space and you will not get all the luxury treatment like the business class. But you don’t have to worry about it. There are some tricks and tips for you to follow in order to get some Zs even if you are seated in economy class.



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